Reliable Lighting

SON hub dynamo, Edelux II headlight and rear light: known for their unbeaten quality and longevity.

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Coaxial Adapter

German engineering pluggable connections: easy-to use, solid, extra slim design.

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SON is synonymous with hub dynamo lighting of highest quality since more than 20 years. A team of 30 cycling enthusiasts with various qualifications, produces hub dynamos, LED headlights, taillights and even their own cabling technique in Tübingen in the centre of the French Quarter. Not only design, assembly and sales take place here, but also many individual parts are manufactured on modern, high-precision CNC lathes and milling machines. SON products are valued by demanding cyclists around the world, in everyday life, in sports, on the road, on normal bikes as on specialized bicycles of almost any kind.

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made in Germany
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