SON Hub Dynamo

SON is synonymous with hub dynamo lighting of highest quality since more than 20 years. Around the world, some 15,000 hub dynamos and 10,000 lights are sold per year. A network of experienced sales partners, importers and specialist dealers, enable good service for the great number of variants. In cooperation and at the request of bicycle manufacturers, special dynamos are developed or we build standard dynamos with special numbers of spoke hole and colours. Another industrial field is the development of small generators based on the SON hub dynamo for all kinds of applications.

Made in Germany

We produce with a high manufacturing range. With modern CNC machines, turned and milled parts are manufactured with high precision. We even design our own machines and systems for special manufacturing processes and in this way are able to produce even very special parts economically. Each hub dynamo and headlight is thoroughly tested during and after assembly.


Design and development, production and sales are distributed in several buildings within the French Quarter of Tübingen. A team of 30 bike enthusiasts produce high quality SON products. A potpourri of housings, mostly of joint building ventures, stores, offices and workshops make it an amiable place worth living with reduced car traffic. Most of the staff live within walking distance or cycle to work in this condensed district.


Our primary objective is to promote the bicycle as best environmentally friendly and humane means of transport. Most important for us are ideal, longlife and cost-effective products and also the concern about the impact of our work on environment, staff and customers. Naturally, ecological products have to be manufactured environmentally safe. And we also care for the well-being of the menbers of staff. It goes without saying that an ecological product should be produced in an environmentally friendly way. Wellbeing of the employees and the question of where and how they work are just as important to us.