Update: New version of the Edelux USB-FL

At the Bespoked in Dresden we presented the latest version of the charging headlight with high beam function (Edelux USB-FL):
now with a black anodized housing. Our engineers have further optimized the magnetic connector. This means that the smartphone can be easily connected and at the same time the contact is strong enough for off-road driving. The design of the handlebar switch is still being worked on diligently. Stay tuned…

The new Edelux USB-FL headlight with high beam function is set to hit the market in spring 2024. The charging electronics, equipped with a small buffer battery, are seamlessly integrated into the headlight housing and allow for up to 10 Watts power harvest from the hub dynamo.
Even with the light on, you can still charge your smartphone – simply connect it using the magnetic cable to the handlebar switch and you’re good to go!

  • headlight for common hub dynamos
  • solid design and lighting technology based on the Edelux II
  • bright low beam (120 Lux) and high beam function
  • charging electronics and battery (1200 mAh) fully integrated
  • handlebar switch includes USB charging port (up to 7,5 W/1,5 A) and status LEDs
  • up to 10 Watts power harvest from the hub dynamo – more than any other common charging solution!

SON Quality

  • 100% Aluminium Housing

    The aluminium housing ensures good cooling and is extremely robust.

  • Optimised Cooling

    The high-power LED is soldered onto a copper heatsink which is directly seated at the aluminium housing: optimum thermal conduction guaranteed.

  • Potted Electronics

    Epoxy potting seals the housing and protects the electronics against moisture and shocks.

  • SON Coaxial Cable

    Good looks and extremely robust: the 2-pole coaxial cable, specially made for SON.