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SON Rear Light

SON Rear Light is of minimal dimensions. This way it fits where common rear lights with integrated reflectors are either lack a suitable mounting position or designwise don’t fit.

The housing is made of anodized aluminium, lens and electronics are potted. The coaxial cable for headlight connection is firmly fixed inside the housing. With standlight.

SON Quality

  • long lifetime due to solid aluminium housing and coaxial cable
  • protected against water ingress and mechanical impact by potted electronics
  • with standlight
  • conforms German legal regulations StVZO
  • versions for versions for rack, seatpost and mudguard mount

made in Tübingen
5 years guarantee
  • Milled Housing

    The housing is made of aluminium and extremely robust.

  • Potted Electronics

    Epoxy potting seals the housing and protects the electronics against water ingress and mechanical impact.

  • SON Coaxial Cable

    Good looks and extremely robust: the 2-pole coaxial cable, specially made for SON.

  • Standlight

    SON Rear Light has a capacitor for standlight.