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Repairs & Guarantee

We give a 5-year guarantee on all our hub dynamos, headlights and rear lights. The guarantee covers manufacturer‘s faults that appear during standard use on bicycles. Not covered under guarantee are faults caused by incorrect installation, improper use and natural wear and tear. No guarantee coverage for damage caused by an accident. Within the framework of this guarantee we repair technical faults or replace the faulty product. Costs for installation and shipping will not be credited. The legal warranty claims remain unaffected hereof.

5 years guarantee

To ensure smooth processing documents as followed are required for all guarantee claims:

  • Description of the issue as detailed as possible (please also do note whether the issue was observed always / regularly / intermittently)
  • Note on the way of use, involved components and more.
  • Your contact (full name, phone no., email address) for all queries
  • Copy of your proof-of-purchase (for in-guarantee claims)

Regulations valid within Germany:

Returns and repair processing is managed by the dealer who sold the product. The package must be shipped postage paid. We return repairs covered by guarantee free of charge.
Within Germany hub dynamos may ship as complete wheels; the rotor should be dismounted. In case of guarantee we do the wheelbuild if necessary.

Regulations valid outside Germany:

Generally a distributor will handle service for us. Please contact our distributor to find out how to process repairs. If you have purchased the product from a mail-order company abroad you will need to process repairs and service via the same company.