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Edelux II DC

The Edelux II DC headlights are approved for direct current supply by drive systems of pedelecs (up to 25 km/h). They must NOT be connected to alternating current (hub dynamos). Depending on battery voltage different headlight versions are required.

made in Tübingen
5 years guarantee

Edelux II DC for 6 to 75 Volts

  • For connection to systems with switched 6 to 75 volts and 6 volt systems with low current limiting
  • with 140 cm SON Coaxial Cable
  • with switch and with 6 volt rear light output for normal dynamo rear lights
  • variant for Neodrives (only black anodized): w/o switch, with coaxial connection cable (140 cm) and 6 Volts output for rear light with twin cable, potential-free.
with cable 681403
RRP in D 179,00 €
with cable 681493
silver anodized
RRP in D 179,00 €
with cable 681413
black anodized
RRP in D 179,00 €

For 6 to 75 volts direct current

Power consumption at 5,8 – 6,4 volts: 2 – 2,5 watt (60 to 70 lux)

Power consumption at 6,5 – 75 volts: ca. 3 watt (90 lux)

Conforms with German legal regulations / ISO 6742

Weight (w/o cable): 65 g

  • 100% Aluminium Housing

    The aluminium housing ensures good cooling and is extremely robust.

  • Optimised Cooling

    The high-power LED is soldered onto a copper heatsink which is directly seated at the aluminium housing: optimum thermal conduction guaranteed.

  • Anti-Reflective Glass

    A new anti-reflective glass lens already allows more light to pass through compared to a plastic lens. No problems due to ageing or scratches either.

  • SON Coaxial Cable

    Good looks and extremely robust: 2-pole coaxial cable, specially made for SON.

  • Potted Electronics

    Epoxy potting seals the housing and protects the electronics against moisture and shocks.