SON = Schmidts Original Nabendynamomehr Licht


draft of rim with hub

Spoke Length Calculator

draft of rim with hub


No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the calculated results. The measurements for the nipple seat diameter of the rim were recorded by us. Manufacturers may, without our knowledge, change the technical specifications of their rims. This calculator does not check if the rim is available commercially in the specified number of holes.

A wheel has to be carefully and professionally built to be safe. If you are not sure, then leave it up to a professional to build your wheel. Schmidt Maschinenbau can not be held responsible for any faults arising from the incorrect building of a wheel.

How To

Select the rim and the hub, enter the number of crossings and the number of spokes. Be sure enough that all values in the specified fields correspond your designated wheel.

Every change must be re-verified with the 'calculate' button.

Unit of Length: mm Connectors
side (right)
side (left)
Please define the number of crossings and spokes with the drop-down-menu below.
Attention! The spoke calculator ist designed for symmetric rims. You must consider, that the holes in fat bike rims are mostly not in centre plane.

PDF on a variety of rims for Linkhinweis SON and spoke length values.