SON = Schmidts Original Nabendynamomehr Licht


Warranty and Repair

Please contact your local dealer before sending your SON, Edelux or E6 to us. The source of the fault might simply be a short-circuit caused by a defective cable or the like. If our product really is defect, you or your local tradesman will have to send it to us for repair.

Do not send us your SON, Edelux or E6 without prior consultation.
In principle, we do not accept any unstamped parcels.
For any questions or claims please first contact your local dealer. Very often he will handle the repair for you if required.

SON 28 klassik (K-No. 179) and SON 20 (K-No. 165) may stay in the whole wheel for service. All other models (e.g. SON 28 new or SONdelux) have to be disassembled for repair. In case of a warranty claim, this will be free of charge.

5 years warranty/ guarantee given from date of purchase. Do enclose a copy of your receipt.

For customers from abroad special conditions apply; please inquire in advance.


The cleansed front wheel, including tires and padded axle ends, can be send to us. Please remove the brake rotor disc, skewer or quick release skewer.
German DHL claims oversize surcharge for parcels with more than 60x60x120 cm edge length. Other parcel services offer comparably lower rates.
In any case, enclose billing and delivery address together with your phone number, description of errors and a copy of your receipt in your parcel.

Dispatch to:

Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau
Aixer Str. 44

72072 Tübingen