SON = Schmidts Original Nabendynamomehr Licht

Produkte - Dynamos

SON 28 15 disc

The first dynamo hub for 15mm thru-axle

SON 28 15mm

Dynamo hub or axle?

So far the ambitious rider had to do without one or the other. The axle stiffens the suspension fork and allows a more precise positioning of the hub, which is particularly useful for disc brakes. More and more mountain bikers want to take advantage of a hub dynamo lighting system. No wonder that we saw an increased demand for a thru-axle hub dynamo.

For this, we had to change not only the axle, but also substantial parts of the generator. Result is a hub dynamo similar in looks, strength and electrical values to SON 28 disc, just with a thick "hole". Also, with 460 g the weight could be kept quite low.

The SON 28 15 disc (6-hole) is available in the colors silver, black, red and blue anodized.

Spoke Drillings: 28, 32, 36

SON 28 15 110 disc

Boost hub standard dynamo for 15 mm thru-axle, 110mm width.
Its symmetric hub flanges of equal diameters help to lace wheels more easily. Also wheels become stiffer and more loadable.

Weight: 480g

The SON 28 15 110 disc (6-hole) is available in the colors black and red anodized.

Spoke Drillings: 32, 36

 SON 28 15 110 disc

SON 28 15 150 disc

The hub dynamo for fatbike-forks of 150mm width.
Disc rotor position 10.4mm, 82mm flange spacing.

Weight: 530g

The SON 28 15 150 disc (6-hole) is available in the color black anodized.

Spoke Drillings: 32

 SON 28 15 150 disc

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