SON = Schmidts Original Nabendynamomehr Licht

Produkte - Dynamos

SON XS / XS 100

models 2014

Here they are at last: redesigned, new, small and narrow hub dynamos for folding bikes. We were able to make SONdelux and SON 28 smaller and lighter owing to the spherical housing and reduced flange diameter. For SON XS we had to advance technically: The new bodies have lateral slots instead of spoke holes. Straight pull spokes are placed into the slots as also found in system-wheels. This makes the wheel elegant and durable simply because there is no bending moment in the spoke elbow.

The new hubs are about 40 grams lighter than the previous XS models, which will continue to be for those devoted to classical design and polished surfaces. The new hub surface is anodized. Three standard versions (silver, black, silver-black-silver) are available from stock. Custom-made versions can be assembled variously in 6 anodized colours "à la carte".

SON XS black red gold green blue orange pink and silver all anodized XS 100 new

New: SON XS semiradial polished and black anodized

SON XS semiradial

As with the classical XS there are three types of axles: for Brompton (axle diameter 8 mm and 74 mm O.L.D.), for Dahon and Tern (9 mm and 74 mm O.L.D.) and for standard fork width (100 mm O.L.D.) the XS 100.

Technical Data

Electric Power: 6V / 3W according to German government's road traffic regulations (StVZO)
German Mark of Conformity: ~~~ K 439 for 16" - 20"
Efficiency: 60% at 15 km/h
No-Load Power Input: 0.7 Watt at 15 km/h
Magnets: neodym iron boron, 26 poles
Connection: 4.8 mm flat spades, 2-pin, to connect without ground connection
Axle: hollow axle aluminium 7075 T6
Bearings: deep groove ball bearing 629 2RSH (SKF)
Hub Shell: aluminium 6082 anodized and polished
Sealing: alloy dust shields, rubber lip seals and pressure compensation system
Spoke Drillings: 20, 24, 28 or 32
Weight: 345 g (without skewer)
Width Axle Ends: 74 mm (XS), 100 mm (XS100), other types available on request
Warranty: 5 years

We prefer to deliver ready-made wheels as it takes a while to get used to lacing with straight pull spokes. Wheels for Brompton, for the 'riese und müller' Birdy and 20"-rim wheels (ETRTO 406) are available.

Please find the whole range of the new XS models in the following order sheets for dealers or private customers:

Linkhinweis SON XS Brompton new
Linkhinweis SON XS 100 new
Linkhinweis SON XS Dahon / Tern new

Brompton wheel

Linkhinweis Fact Sheets and Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Linkhinweis Range of Products valid until 30 September 2018 (Prices for Germany)